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• 2/26/2016

I found something intresting


When i playing the mage, i found that anvil on floor 3rd. I did W to anvil, than my damege is increased 5 point and the anvil is deactivated.

I think need a new catalog to this wiki. than what we should call that things? object?

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• 3/5/2016

Yep, it's quite common.

I totaly forgot about them. I haven't played the game a while now, but I vaguely remember there being more of these kind of things.

It could share a page with other objects like doors (because it isn't trivial you can blow a certain coloured lock up) and blue pots etc.

If you find one again you should take a screenshot of the not activated one (and upload it ofcource)!

• 3/5/2016

I can't think of a good name either.

Objects is to vague/undescriptive. Furnature is just a wrong one.

You could label it as objects; the name can always be changed when a better one is thought of

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